Certified Landscape Designers – Ontario

First Last Company Phone Prov Web
Sundaura D. Alford A Cultivated Art Inc. (613) 899-8000 ON A Cultivated Art Inc www.acultivatedart.com
Michelle Alkerton Gelderman Landscape Services (905) 689-5433 ON Gelderman Landscape Services www.gelderman.com
John Allison City of Brampton Parks Planning (905) 874-3880 ON CLD
Rosanne Ballast Stonepath Greenhouses (613) 478-1675 ON Stonepath Greenhouses www.stonepathgreenhouses.com
Lee Benson SimpLee Gardens (416) 232-2340 ON SimpLee Gardens www.simpleegardens.ca
Craig Brankston Solda Pools (905) 786-6500 ON Solda Pools www.soldapools.com
Paul Brydges Brydges Landscape Architects (519) 766-1331 ON Brydges Landscape Architects www.brydgeslandscapearchitecture.com
Constance Cadotte Garden Retreats Incorporated (416) 383-0255 ON Garden Retreats Incorporated www.gardenretreats.ca
Rowland Cave-Browne-Cave ON CLD
Don Chase ChaseRD (905) 561-1512 ON CLD
Matthew Civiero The Landmark Group (519) 599-2957 ON landmark group www.thelandmarkgroup.ca
April Cotroneo Green Apple Landscaping (416) 557-1518 ON Green Apple Landscaping www.greenapple.ca
Adele Courville Rockcliffe Landscaping ON Rockcliffe Landscaping www.rockcliffelandscaping.com
Jen Cuddie Cuddie Landscape Planning Inc (705) 716-4021 ON Cuddie www.cuddielandscapeplanning.com
Lexi Dearborn Dearborn Designs & Associates (705) 623-2970 ON Dearborn Designs  www.dearborndesigns.com
Beth Edney Designs by the Yard Inc. (416) 233-2836 ON Designs by the Yard Inc. www.designsbytheyard.com
Denis Flanagan Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Assoc. (905) 875-1805 ON Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Assoc. www.horttrades.com
Kent Ford Kent Ford Design Group Inc. (416) 368-7175 ON KFDG www.kentforddesign.com
Nick Glaesner Tri-Green Inc. (519) 748-4907 ON Tri-Green Inc. www.tri-green.com
Doug Glancy Kiva Landscape Design Build Inc. (905) 651-7445 ON Kiva Landscape Design Build Inc. www.kivalandscape.com
Ricci Gould Scott Wentworth Landscapes (613) 476-1181 ON Scott Wentworth Landscape www.wentworthlandscapes.com
Teri-Lyn Greer Cedar Springs Landscape Group (905) 648-7949 ON Cedar Springs Landscape Group www.cedarsprings.net
Margarete Haefele Landscape Garten Ltd. (905) 640-6309 ON Landscape Garten Ltd. www.landscapegarten.com
Judith Humphries (905) 795-0631 ON CLD
Sasha Hunter Aquascape Inc. (416) 737-4337 ON Aquascape Inc. www.aquascapeinc.com
Michael Kenel Monstergarden Inc. (289) 339-2005 ON CLD michaelkenel@hotmail.com
Ron Koudys RKLA (519) 667-3322 ON RKLA www.rkla.ca
David Lara A Touch of Dutch (519) 393-5560 ON A Touch of Dutch Landscaping & Garden Services Ltd. www.atouchofdutchlandscaping.com
Anthony Lombardi Dr. Landscape inc. (416) 267-3564 ON Dr. Landscape inc. www.drlandscape.com
Dave Maciulis Natural Landscape Inc. (905) 627-1466 ON Natural Landscape Inc. www.naturallandscapedesign.com
Susanne McKenzie Naturescape Inc. (905) 373-8888 ON Naturescape Inc. www.naturescape.com
Andrea McLean Andrea McLean Landscape Design (416) 880-0195 ON Andrea McLean Landscape Design www.alandscapedesigner.com
Jay Middleton Scott Wentworth Landscapes (613) 476-1181 ON Scott Wentworth Landscape www.wentworthlandscapes.com
Sue Millar Fanshawe College (519) 277-3946 ON Fanshawe College smillar@fanshawec.ca
Douglas Mooder Mooder Horticultural Inc. (519) 669-4073 ON Mooder Horticultural Inc. www.mooderhort.com
Jodie Munshaw DynaSCAPE Software (905) 484-2757 ON DynaSCAPE Software www.dynascape.com
Jen Pettersen Manor Landscaping (519) 763-0634 ON Manor Landscaping www.manorscape.ca
Adele Pierre Adele Pierre Landscape Design (905) 973-7277 ON Adele Pierre Landscape Design www.aplandscapedesign.com
Fred Post Garden Grove Landscaping (905) 690-8000 ON Garden Grove  www.gardengrovelandscaping.com
Kim Price Kim Price Landscape Design (416) 693-5143 ON Kim Price Landscape Design www.kimpricelandscapedesign.com
Don Prosser Don Prosser Landscape Design (519) 502-1909 ON Don Prosser Landscape Design www.donplandscapedesign.ca
Dana Puddester TLC Landscaping Design + Pools (519) 661-6895 ON TLC Landscaping Design + Pools www.tlc.ca
Jeff Rolland Yards Unlimited Landscaping (613) 721-8195 ON Yards www.yardsunlimited.com
Gary Ross Designed and Delivered (905) 713-9210 ON Designed & Delivered Landscaping www.designedanddelivered.ca
Haig Seferian Seferian Design Group (905) 634-3110 ON Seferian Design Group www.seferiandesign.com
Mark Selles Designia Inc. (704) 449-8877 ON CLD
Jason Smalley Jason Smalley Landscape Design (613) 894-5753 ON Jason Smalley Landscape Design www.jsld.ca
Brad Smith Seferian Design Group (905) 634-3110 ON Seferian Design Group www.seferiandesign.com
Dorothy Smyth Outside Space (416) 222-2780 x23 ON CLD
Tyler Speirs TS Design Build (705) 888-6792 ON Tyler Speirs Design www.tylerspeirsdesign.ca
Christopher Stanczak Landscape Florida Inc. (905) 641-5250 ON Landscape Florida Inc. www.landscapeflorida.ca
Patricia Stanish Patricia Stanish Landscape Design (613) 668-3603 ON Patricia Stanish www.luvyouryard.com
Ron Swentiski Trillium Associates Landscape Designers (905) 707-9914 ON Trillium Associates Landscape Designers www.trilliumassociates.ca
Randy Tumber Tumber & Associates (519) 941-3867 ON Tumber & Associates www.tumber.ca
Richard Turner GSP Group (519) 569-8883 ON GSP Group www.gspgroup.ca
Livia Tymon Great Garden Revival & JC Landscaping (416) 436-3906 ON Great Garden Revival & JC Landscaping www.greatgardenrevival.com
Audriana VanderWerf Essence Design ON CLD
Elaine Vida Exteriors by Elaine (705) 774-4767 ON Exteriors by Elaine www.exteriorsbyelaine.com
Andrea Weddum Gelderman Landscape Services (905) 689-5433 ON Gelderman Landscape Services www.gelderman.com
Scott Wentworth Scott Wentworth Landscapes (613) 969-7992 ON Scott Wentworth Landscape www.wentworthlandscapes.com
Jessica Wisniewski Bryden Landscaping ON Bryden Landscaping www.brydenlandscaping.com
Shirley Wong WKS Design Studio (416) 720-1430 ON International Landscaping Inc. www.wksdesign.com
Welwyn Wong Welwyn Wong Landscape Design (613) 265-7580 ON Welwyn Wong Landscape Design www.welwynwong.com

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